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Quality Roofing by Larry  ImagesLiving in Massachusetts the weather can take a toll on you and especially your home. While you are of course important, for this article lets focus on your home. When you think about renovating your home what comes to most people's minds if we are talking about major renovations are kitchens and baths.

If we are talking about minor upgrades it would be paint, lighting, or even shifting around of your furniture. With all that, a Malden roofing pro said: "Most people often forget about the most important part of their house which is the roof". You would expect a Malden roofer to say that, but this, in fact, is true. Let's break down why your roof is so important.

First, your roof is the first line of defense from the outside elements. You can sleep well at night when it is storming out because Hopefully your roof is secure and doing its job. This may be a bit of an oversimplification, but that might just be because we take it for granted. If your roof is old and rotted you are a small step away from not having a roof at all. On average, with regular maintenance from a Malden roof repair service, your roof should last between 20-30 years. This does not mean that you wait until that time to start to think about it,

Next, a lot of people say they have not seen any holes or leaks in their ceiling so my roof is safe and secure. This could not be further from the way you should gauge whether you have damage or not. Yes, if you see those things you should call your roofer ASAP, but most roof damage comes gradually with small things that turn into big things. Unless there is a major weather event or fly debris most homeowners will not experience that large or small hole in their roof. Rule of thumb, one missing shingle can compromise the integrity of your roof and cause roof damage.

We encourage all homeowners to not overlook the importance of roof maintenance. By no means are we saying you should get on a ladder and take a stroll on your roof; unless you are totally comfortable with that. There are things you can do safely though. Periodically take a walk around your property and scout for any missing shingles that might be laying on the ground. Next, take notice of any of your energy bills. If you know you are usually spending and using the same amount of energy, but the bill is higher it may be done to your roof being damaged. Lastly, the most important thing you can do for your home is to schedule annual roof inspections.

This is so important as the Malden roofing service will be able to determine if you have damage already AND how your roof is holding up. If you are looking for a trusted and qualified roofer, look no further than Quality Roofing By Larry we are here to make your home safe again. Learn more about our roofing products.


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