3 Reasons To Get a Spring Roof Inspection

When was your last professional roof inspection

Spring is here in Massachusetts and it the perfect time to schedule a roofing inspection with a local Lexington roof repair service. The winter weather is tough on your roof, and with some of the storms we saw this year, the last thing you want to do is head into the season change with any uncertainty about your roof. Do you know how much life your roof has left in it? Do you know if it is performing well? Find out these answers to these questions and more with a free inspection from Quality Roofing by Larry!

If you are still not convinced that you get a spring roof inspection, here are some more reasons to consider…


According to Lexington roofing pros, many insurance companies have become more strict about approving roofing claims. For several homeowners, this means they will not have their claim granted unless they produce proof of an annual inspection. Double-check the conditions of your policy to avoid having to pay for any roof damages out of your own pocket that could’ve been covered.

Find Problems Early

In most cases, major roofing problems normally don’t occur all at once. These significant problems come from perpetual neglect of little problems that only get worse. The common homeowner cannot identify these small issues, but a Lexington roof repair service can detect and repair any problems before they get worse.

Warranty Protection

As we mentioned, many roofing warranties require yearly examinations. If you cannot prove that you had one you could once again be paying for roof damage out of your own wallet. Be certain to review the fine print of your policy to find out how frequently you must have your roof inspected by a Lexington roofing contractor to stay in compliance with claims. Most folks know the benefits of being proactive as far as our health is concerned, although many people ignore it. Sadly, this happens with their roof a lot of times too.

We provide free inspections and estimates!!!

The point of yearly inspections is to find problems before they get worse and cost you more money to fix. A reliable Lexington roofer knows that an annual roofing examination is the safest way to identify those small problems before they become a substantial, financial hardship. For more information or questions you may have, please reach out to one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff today!

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