Lexington Roofing; Why Attic Ventilation Is Critical For Your Home

Not many homeowners think about their attic that often, and when they do it is usually associated with the insulation. But what about the ventilation, have you ever thought about that? Both are equally necessary for good energy-efficiency and the safety of your home. even your roof. Good attic ventilation will help you get the most life out of your roof, along with regular inspections and maintenance from a reliable Lexington roof repair service.

Air Flow

Without proper ventilation, stale air will get trapped in the attic. Good ventilation will help remove stale air and replace it with fresh air. It also helps to reduce excess heat and moisture that is damaging to a home. An attic should remain at the same temperature and humidity level with each different season. Soffit, eve, and ridge cap vents will also help keep your roof breathing properly. An equal amount of attic intake and exhaust is vital for a healthy home and roof system.

Summer Problems

Poor attic ventilation can cause an excess of heat during the summer. This will warm the entire home and make the air conditioning unit work harder to make it cool. Too much heat n the attic is also bad for the roof. If you notice swelling or warping on the wood in your attic it is from too much heat.

Winter Problems

An attic that is deficient in ventilation is more prone to cause ice dams on the roof and gutters during the winter. Ice dams are the formation of ice on your roof and gutters, and they form when there is too much heat in the attic combined with the sun melting all of the snow and ice on the roof. The water then refreezes when the temperature drops and the ice collects at the edge of the roof and gutters.This process can cause damage to a roof and leak into the home. The best way to prevent ice dams and winter roof repair projects is to schedule a free inspection with a Lexington roofing contractor now before winter gets here.