Lexington Roof Repair; Squashing Everyday Storm Damage Myths

Your Local Lexington Roofing Expert

Living in Massachusetts we are no strangers to severe weather, and this summer has started with a roar. Heavy winds and hail take their toll on your roof. If your roof is already starting to show signs of its age then it is even more prone to damage such as rapid shingle deterioration and shingle blow-off. Quality Roofing by Larry, a premier Lexington roofer, is here to squash some common storm damage myths that some homeowners believe.

  • Insurance Rates Won’t Go Up Unless You File a Claim –
    This is not necessarily true. Some insurance companies will raise every homeowner’s rate after a major storm regardless if you file a claim or not.
  • My Insurance Policy May Get Cancelled If I File a Claim
    As a Lexington roof repair and replacement specialist, we strongly recommend you file a claim if your roof has suffered a large amount of damage. It is unlawful for an insurance company to cancel your policy for making a legitimate storm damage claim. Documentation of the damage such as pictures and notes will help support the approval of your claim. An expert roofer with a highly-trained eye will help you get the most assistance from your insurance premium.
  • My Insurance Policy Covers Storm Damage
    Some policies will cover storm damage such as wind and hail, and some don’t. You need to check the specific details of your policy in regards to what is covered, your deductible, and other important specifics. To get the most life out of your roof, it is suggested to get an inspection by a Lexington roofing contractor after all severe storms, even if you don’t see any damage. Oftentimes, hail damage is hard to see from the ground and goes unnoticed.