Roofing Inspections and Repair: Maintenance Tasks To Perform

A comprehensive roof inspection with a factory-certified Lexington roofing expert along with some gutter and yard maintenance in the fall will go a long way in keeping your home safe this winter and save you thousands. Even the most skilled roofers must have their homes outfitted to face severe weather. The main function of your roof is to guard your home and family. When your roof is damaged, old, or deteriorated; it can allow water to force its way into your home. Stay ahead of any problems and make the necessary arrangements for your roof with a roof examination by a premier Lexington roofer.

Check Out These Tips To Avoid Roof Damage:

Clean Out Your Gutters

An important step in keeping your home healthy and free of leaks during the winter is to clean and maintain your gutter system. The roofing and other parts of a home are damaged from clogged gutters more often than many homeowners realize, largely through the fall and spring. If your gutters are filled up and a lot of snow collects on your roof the circumstances can get unpleasant and you may need to call a Lexington roof repair pro.

Tree Safety and Maintenance

More commonly than you would assume, emergency roof repair services are required when a massive tree or branch falls over onto a home. The damages can be fatal, so it is of exceptional consequence to ensure that you get your trees trimmed away from your home and looming above your roof to keep your home and family safe.

Schedule an End of Winter Roof Inspection

Winter is one of the hardest seasons on your roof. The cruel climate means your roof has been working overtime dealing with the fluctuating temperatures, blowing snow, ice, etc; and needs to be operating at its peak fr the showers that spring will surely bring.