Can a New Roof Save You Money in the Long Run?

As with many home improvement projects a homeowner should view a new roof from an investment perspective. They typically cost $10,000 or more so it’s viewed as one of the more expensive renovations, but a Lexington Roofing professional knows there are many ways that it can actually put money back into your wallet.

  • A New Roof Improves Strength and Stability

    Shingles have had major improvements to their wind rating over the years. They used to top out around 65 mph but today’s shingles can easily withstand winds of up to 120 mph and up.

    For a homeowner, this indicates that a new roof is going to offer better protection from the elements and fewer calls to a Lexington Roof Repair professional.

  • A New Roof Decreases Energy Consumption

    With so many different varieties of shingles today, it can be difficult to select a new roof. Choosing aenergy efficient shingle can help reduce your utility charges while maintaining a cozy home all throughout the year.

    It all starts by choosing the most efficient shingle color. Various colored shingles will reflect different degrees of light and heat. A highly reflective shingle will help lower your bill by decreasing the heat penetrating your roof.

  • A New Roof Can Provide Insurance Savings

    Some insurance companies raise premiums for policyholders with a roof that’s out of code. If this is the case with your policy, a new roof can considerably decrease your rate. Take it from a Lexington Roofing Contractor when we say that it’s a lot safer to reside under a roof that adheres to current codes!

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