3 Reasons to Call a Lexington Roof Repair Specialist

Common roof problems can become much worse with the freeze/thaw process that occurs often throughout the winter months. Even though it is more dangerous for a Lexington Roofing Contractor expert to make repairs in the winter, waiting for spring can also make the current problem more detrimental. Scheduling a roof inspection is always your best bet to a worry-free winter.

  1. Condensation in the Attic
    When warm air combines with cold surfaces condensation will happen. An attic that has an insufficient amount of insulation is much more susceptible to condensation formation and can also cause issues such as mold, mildew, and weaken the structural integrity of your home. “The proper amount of attic insulation will help deter condensation from forming”, says a Lexington Roofing professional.

    Attic ventilation is also an important part of maintaining a healthy roofing system and is often neglected. Many people don’t realize that disruption to your attic’s ventilation can harm your roof, cause ice-dams to form, and decrease the lifespan of your roof.

  2. Tree Branches
    Large trees offer privacy and beautiful scenery, BUT, they also pose serious problems. Branches that loom over your roof and home can strain when covered with heavy ice and snow causing damage to the protective layer of your roof. Limbs that fall can create severe problems with your roof. It is advised that you keep at least a ten-foot barrier between your roof and tree limbs.

  3. Pre-Existing Roof Damage
    If severe weather affected your home in the past and you haven’t had a Lexington Roofer inspect it those previous damages usually get worse with the cold weather. Fluctuating temperatures, ice, and snow can cause leaks, mold, and structural degeneration.

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